This blog is for anyone who has an interest in mental health, particularly all things ‘care planning’ ‘recovery focussed practice’ and ‘service user and carer experience’. Note: I appreciate that the term service user is not to everyone’s liking; generally, I will just refer to people as people but now and then, I will use the term service user.

This blog is a space for people to share ideas; to discuss; explore and to reflect and muse. For sharing research, practice development, experiences or for posing questions. There won’t be a specific schedule of blogging; it might be like buses……

This blog isn’t about the finished product; of polished writing and of firm positions; its more exploratory, testing and ‘just putting it out there’. A safe learning environment for all.

That said, contributions should be respectful and in keeping with values and principles supporting wellbeing and recovery in their broadest sense.  It’s ok not to agree, and debate can help tease out some fine detail and enhance understanding.

Here are a some links and information for folk regarding use of social media and confidentiality:

  • NMC guidance on using social media responsibly
  • HCPC focus on standards – use of social networking sites
  • Check that your organisation/HEE has a relevant policy and know the extent to which this applies to your use of Social Networking or Blogging websites.
  • People using this site must not disclose information that is or may be sensitive or confidential, or that is subject to a non-disclosure contract or agreement. This applies to information about service users, their supporters, academics, students, other organisations and their staff.

Some Good Practice Tips:

  • Be careful about the personal details you post online;
  • Keep your password safe and avoid obvious ones that others might easily guess;
  • Be aware of your personal responsibility for the words you post and also for your comments on the blog.  Don’t say anything on-line that you would not say personally or wish others to hear. Avoid unattributable anonymous comments.
  • When registering with the website, understand what you are signing up to by reading the terms and conditions carefully and importantly determine what security, confidentially and liability claims, undertakings and exclusions exist.